Have You Been to the James A. McFaul Environmental Center in Wyckoff? Kids Corner Feature Presented by Tenafly Pediatrics P.A.

The James A. McFaul Environmental Center in Wyckoff, NJ offers environmental education to the general public, as well as to specific student groups.

The James A. McFaul Environmental Center, located on Crescent Avenue in Wyckoff, New Jersey is an 81-acre environmental center that offers environmental education to the general public, as well as to specific groups of students, children and adults.

The Wildlife Exhibit Hall overlooks a waterfowl pond, and winding trails take visitors through woodland gardens and habitats of a wide range of animals. 25,000 daffodils on the grassy slopes of the park, along with rhododendron and azaleas, create one of the prettiest sights around.

A full calendar of activities features great films dealing with our natural world, workshops, demonstrations, and programs. School, scout, and other student groups may choose from more than 20 programs the Center offers. Programs are adaptable for a wide range of grade levels and involve active group participation. Length of the programs range from 1 to 2 1/2 hours.

Sense Impression (grades pre-K – Adult) uses creative activities in a one-hour outdoor walk to sharpen the senses.

Snakes, Frogs & Things (grade 1 – Adult) is an indoor program that examines New Jersey’s reptiles and amphibians with the help of photographs, preserved specimens and live animals.

Field Study (grade 2 – Adult) has students use nets to collect and study insects. It also investigates the mammals and birds that live among the flowers of the field.

Indians of New Jersey (grade 3 – Adult) looks at the ways of the Lenape Indian. Students handle artifacts and natural materials that the Indians used to survive. History and legends are studied, and the program wraps up with a walk in the forest.

Honeybees (grade 1 – Adult) uses the Center’s observation beehive to study this interesting and valuable creature.

All the other programs are equally interesting and beneficial to students young and old.  

Read  more information about the James A. McFaul Environmental Center events and activities, hours etc.

This Bergen County Kids Corner feature is presented by Tenafly Pediatrics P.A.

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