Gourmet Guided Cooking Technology Compliments In-Home “Chef’s Kitchen”

Gourmet guided cooking technology is perfect compliment to in-home “Chef's Kitchen” available at Reno's Appliance in Paterson, New Jersey!

Gourmet guided cooking technology is perfect compliment to in-home “Chef’s Kitchen” available at Reno’s Appliance in Paterson, New Jersey!

The new CAFÉ brand cooktops and ranges available at Reno’s Appliance in Paterson, New Jersey provide the perfect combination of features for those who love beautiful appliances, enjoy technology and have a passion for creating culinary masterpieces at home. Cooks can create flawless gourmet recipes with confidence that they’ll achieve consistent, perfected results with chef-inspired features, including access to proven recipes and gourmet guided cooking through the Hestan Cue™ app, five burners and easy-to-use precision temperature controls.

“It is our goal to bring people something special that supports their passion for cooking while providing the beauty and distinctive design they expect from CAFÉ appliances,” said Wayne Davis, CAFÉ brand director. “With this new line, we have delivered the best in both function and form, delighting both designers and home cooks.”

Where most induction cooktops have a range of settings, CAFÉ puts precision temperatures at the consumer’s fingertips with the guided controls. From shrimp tikka masala to creamy carbonara to a perfect medium-rare New York strip steak, choose from hundreds of inspiring, chef-tested recipes that bridge art and science to deliver exceptional results, every time.

“CAFÉ helps inspire culinary creativity with stylish appliances your neighbors will covet,” Davis said. “The combination of app-based guided cooking and precision temperature control turns gourmet aspirations into an everyday reality.”

Gourmet Guided Cooking Technology: Two Ways to Better Cooking

After initial setup on the CAFÉ app, consumers download the Hestan Cue app for the full gourmet guided experience, including:

Guided Recipes: A temperature-sensing pan uses Bluetooth® to communicate with the burner, automatically adjust the pan temperature and monitor the cook time as the user proceeds through each recipe step.

Precision Control: Simply select the “Control Mode” feature in the Hestan Cue or CAFÉ app to set the burner to a precise temperature. The Recommended Cooking Temperatures chart reveals the ideal temperatures for most commonly cooked foods. Hundreds of hours in the making, this comprehensive reference guide created by a team of Hestan Cue chefs and culinary scientists puts a number to terms like “medium-high heat” to reveal the ideal temperature for common cooking applications like searing scallops (425°F), preparing fluffy scrambled eggs (325°F) and much more.

The CAFÉ induction cooktop and range with gourmet guided cooking technology is currently available for order wherever CAFÉ appliances are sold. With each purchase, consumers will receive a rebate for a Hestan Cue tri-ply, stainless steel smart pan that communicates with the app and burner.

Explore the CAFÉ Series appliances available at Reno’s Appliance, 235 Mclean Boulevard, Paterson, New Jersey.

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