Thai Takeout in Bergenfield

Thai cuisine is mainstream in North Jersey these days and fans of the southeast Asian fare can't seem to get enough of the complex interplay of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy hot that seems to be a staple of most Thai dishes.

Authentic Thai Food in Bergenfield

Thai Kitchen By Yada, a new restaurant located at 48 West Church Street in Bergenfield, features Thai takeout meals, prepared by an authentic Thai chef. Their classic Thai specialties are prepared with fresh ingredients, spices and herbs that successfully capture Eastern and Western influences, harmoniously combined into something that is uniquely Thai. Everything at Thai Kitchen By Yada is made to order and they offer a dynamite assemblage of Thai menu items, including classic entrees such as noodles tossed in sauce with veggies, curry plates in bright colors and fragrant soups.

Thai Kitchen By Yada is takeout only and also offers curb service.

Call 201-374-2362 or visit for restaurant hours and other details.

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