Bergen County Restaurant Makes List of America’s Most Romantic Dining Spots

What is the most romantic restaurant in New Jersey?

What is the most romantic restaurant in New Jersey? If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic dining experience in New Jersey, you need not travel far. According to the 2018 list of the most romantic dining spots in America, Ivy Inn, located right here in Bergen County, is number nineteen on the list. In fact, Ivy Inn is the only New Jersey restaurant to make the 2018 list.

Not only is this popular Hasbrouck Heights restaurant the perfect spot for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, a wedding anniversary celebration or even a memorable first date, it also has a fascinating history. Originally opened as a stagecoach stop in the 1870s, travelers in horse and carriage stopped to eat and drink in the tavern below and sleep in the guest quarters above. Eventually the inn evolved into a fine dining restaurant, but later fell into disrepair.

In 1996, the current owners undertook an extensive restoration. The fireplaces in the dining rooms and cherry beams in the side “Red Room” were uncovered and repaired. The horseshoe bar was re-veneered, and the oak icebox (dated 1912) was refurbished and moved to stand in view inside the barroom. The inn, renamed Ivy Inn, once again opened its doors in 1997 for fine dining.

Since 1997, Ivy Inn has consistently been highly ranked for both cuisine and atmosphere. Click here to view the Ivy Inn menu. Click here to take a virtual tour of Ivy Inn.

Ivy Inn is located a short distance from Routes 17, 46 and 80 at 268 Terrace Avenue, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. Click here for more information about Ivy Inn.

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