Jersey College Recognizes Heroic Actions of Nursing Student

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Judith Schmidt, CEO of the New Jersey State Nurses Association, Jersey College Nursing Student Shakeyda Myers and Assemblywoman Nancy Muñoz.

The Teterboro Campus of Jersey College recently hosted a ceremony to recognize nursing student, Shakeyda Myers, who performed life-saving measures on a man while shopping at a New Jersey Walmart store with her daughter. During the recognition ceremony, Judith Schmidt, MSN, DHA(c), RN, CCRN, CEO of the New Jersey State Nurses Association, thanked Shakeyda for taking heroic measures in the community. Assemblywoman Nancy Muñoz presented Shakeyda with a Senate Resolution thanking her for her instinct and actions. Jersey College also presented Shakeyda with an award for using her knowledge, skills, and sense of responsibility as she proactively took life-saving measures on a stranger.

Assemblywoman Muñoz stated that “Shakeyda Myers’ quick thinking and implementation of her skills saved a man’s life. She is why nurses are the most trusted profession and exemplifies what it means to be a nurse. I thank her for her bravery and confidence during a time of crisis.”

Shakeyda Myers, a licensed nurse, works overnight shifts at a physical rehabilitation center and is going to Jersey College to become a registered nurse while raising five children. While shopping in Walmart with her daughter, she saw a man standing next to her fall to the ground. She rushed over to the man and rolled him on his left side. He wasn’t breathing, and Ms. Myers couldn’t find a pulse. She dialed 911 and started doing chest compressions. Ms. Myers doesn’t recall how long she performed chest compressions before police arrived. Myers and the officers took turns continuing compressions and used a defibrillator to try to get the man’s heart started. EMT personnel arrived after police and took the man to a hospital.

Ms. Myers says the experience validates her career choice. She says she has worked in prisons and assisted other nurses in reviving people, but never had anything like this happened to her. Once she completes school, she wants to work as an emergency room nurse.

Jersey College was established in 2003 with the goal of offering nursing education for the adult professional. Jersey College currently enrolls more than 2,000 nursing students across its six campuses located in New Jersey and Florida. The school of nursing at Jersey College offers both Practical and Professional nursing programs that allow an individual to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse. The nursing programs have been designed to support the adult student in accomplishing their educational and professional goals, and to foster the diversification of the nursing workforce to better serve the area’s multicultural communities.

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