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Have you heard about the

Have you heard about the “Eliminator” Bird Feeder from Wild Birds Unlimited of Paramus? Bergen County area ‘backyard birders’ know that the benefits of bird feeding go well beyond the simple satisfaction of having birds visiting their feeders. The beauty, the sounds and the countless hours of entertainment that birds bring help to make bird watching a rewarding pastime for the entire family.

Interaction With Nature

For some people, the birds that visit their backyard feeders may be the only wild animals they closely interact with. This safe and engaging interaction can present an easy opportunity for senior citizens to experience the wonders of nature, or a chance for young children and their parents to share early educational exposure to the great outdoors.

Good for Your Backyard Oasis

Feeding birds in your backyard will also lead to birds devouring insects on your property, ultimately providing a kind of organic pest control with little need for insecticides. Birds can also assist with flower pollination, resulting in fuller garden flowerbeds.

Entertaining and Relaxing

Of course, backyard birding can be very entertaining. You’ll find yourself naming your frequent visitors, tracking new species and becoming involved in the pecking order of your backyard guests, even recognizing distinct behavior patterns and personalities. Bird watching on your property can be as relaxing as it is entertaining. Backyard birders often experience an overwhelming sense of peacefulness and calm that is hard to match with any other activity.

So are you ready to join the growing legion of Bergen County’s Backyard Birders? Wondering how to get started? When it comes to backyard bird feeders, bird feeding equipment, bird seed and qualified advice from a local team with over 60 years (combined) wildlife experience, there’s no place better than Wild Birds Unlimited of Paramus. Conveniently located on Route 17, Wild Birds Unlimited of Paramus can help you to transform your yard into a birdfeeding habitat that brings song, color and life to your home.

Eliminator Backyard Bird Feeder at Wild Birds Unlimited of Paramus

A great gift for the entire family is The Eliminator Backyard Bird Feeder. The Eliminator allows you to stop squirrels from eating your seed. Featuring unique, weight-sensitive technology, the feeder’s seed ports are closed when a squirrel touches the perch ring. You can set the sensitivity level to also exclude large birds such as pigeons or doves. It’s easy to hang, holds about three quarts of seed and is backed with a limited lifetime guarantee.This feeder also features a special seed ventilation system that helps keep seed fresher, and key parts are made from a special chew-proof material to help keep squirrels at bay. The Eliminator can be disassembled and assembled with no tools, and all of its parts are top shelf dishwasher safe. (Bird food not included.) Click here to view a video that demonstrates how the Eliminator Backyard Bird Feeder works.

Be sure to check out other bird feeding supplies at Wild Birds Unlimited of Paramus to complement all of your bird feeding needs.

Wild Birds Unlimited of Paramus is located at 189 South Route 17 South, Paramus, New Jersey.

For more information, call 201-599-0099 or visit www.wbu.com/paramus.

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