With the popularity of children's theatre increasing in recent years, more Bergen County area parents are recognizing the benefits that theatre productions and camps are bringing to their children's education and development. Confidence, physical and artistic development, thinking skills, and social development are just a few of the potential benefits of enrolling your child in a theatre program. Recent studies have also shown that students involved in arts programs tend to have higher academic performance and better standardized test scores.

Saddle River Youth Theatre has been an integral part of youth theatre education and production in Bergen County for 20 years. With 230+ productions since 1996, Saddle River Youth Theatre (SRYT) is one of the region's longest-running award-winning performing arts schools.

Team of Youth Theatre Education Professionals

The dedicated team of SRYT professionals has helped to enrich the cultural and artistic enjoyment of North Jersey theater audiences by bringing the Broadway experience to local towns. SRYT teachers are youth theatre education professionals with a common goal of providing students with a solid performance skills foundation in a nurturing, fun and creative environment. With countless specialized workshops such as: Improv for teens and tweens, theatre intern training with theatre professionals, and Shakespeare for teens, the SRYT staff help to reinforce self-confidence and encourage teamwork amongst cast members and their peers.

SRYT Productions

Participating in SRYT productions enables students (ages 6-18) to be a part of full-scale shows in the 120-seat, air-conditioned SRYT Playhouse. Every child gets a part and no part is too small. A vast majority of SRYT's younger students have continued to train with the theatre through their teenage years, utilizing the skills they have learned through classes, shows and the overall SRYT experience. All performances are elaborate productions featuring colorful costumes, settings and special effects performed on the SRYT 400 square foot theatre stage located at 37 East Allendale Avenue in Allendale's historic Civil War-era "Archer Hall". Click here to view a calendar of SRYT productions. 

SRYT Workshops and Classes

SRYT offers year-round lessons and workshops for grades 1-12. They also offer summer camps, private acting, voice and dance lessons, performance workshops for grades 1-8 and grades 7-12. 

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