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If you live in the Bergen County area, chances are there's a Prime Time Early Learning Center near you. If you grew up in Bergen or have kids or have friends or family with kids, chances are you know someone who attended a Prime Time Early Learning Center. More than 30 years ago, Rochelle “Ricci” Wasserman and her husband Joel Wasserman established Prime Time Early Learning Centers as a comprehensive child care program designed to nurture and educate young children from infancy through school age. Since then, the Prime Time name has become synonymous with nurturing child care and quality education.

Prime Time was developed to provide a loving, learning environment for families with young children. Each of their schools is led by a director, supported by an assistant director and/or educational director. There is a head teacher and an assistant teacher in each classroom and each child is supported by other specialized center staff members, all trained as early child care providers and certified to administer first aid and CPR to children and adults. Prime Time is licensed by the state of New Jersey to provide full-time childcare to children ages 6 weeks through 10 years of age.

Early Learning Programs, Curriculum and Enrichments

Prime Time offers a comprehensive extended day program, a full-day preschool, before and after school enrichment programs for elementary school students and summer camp for children to age 10. Their dynamic program and proprietary curriculum exceeds state licensing requirements and paves the way for a solid academic and social foundation. 

Prime Time Programs 

Programs and curriculums are based on age:

• 6 weeks – 18 months (Infants)

• 18 months – 2 years

• 2 years – 3 years

• 3 years-4 years (preschool)

• 4 years-5 years (pre-K)

• After school enrichment programs for elementary school students

• Summer camp for children to age 10

Center Hours and Flexible Drop-Off and Pickup Times

Pickup and drop-off times at Prime Time Early Learning Centers are completely flexible and are determined by the family’s contracted hours per week at the center. The centers are open Monday-Friday from 6:30 am-7:00 pm.

Prime Time "Parent Connections"

Prime Time publishes a bi-monthly parent newsletter, “Parent Connections”, that recaps recent events, alerts parents of any significant news and provides seasonally relevant child-wellness tips. They also utilize a real-time, web and app based program, PreSchool2Me, for daily communications with parents regarding their child’s activities. An emergency call/email/text notification system is in place for emergency or weather related school closures.

Prime Time Staff Credentials and Training

Lead teachers at Prime Time have Associates Degrees in Early Childhood Education or better – NJ State licensing equivalencies. Assistant teachers are education students and experienced care-givers with appropriate NJ state licensing equivalencies.The staff also participates in ongoing professional development in early childhood education and health/safety practices. All Prime Time staff are certified to administer CPR to children and adults and trained on fire drill evacuations and school lock downs. All new hires undergo a thorough criminal history background check, NJ State fingerprint registry, provide 3 professional references and require a classroom working interview prior to hire. Prime Time also employs a coded entry pad system which unlocks doors as well as tracks parent’s entry and exit times.


Fees are completely dependent on age of child, schedule of contracted hours per week and multiple discount packages are available.

Parent Testimonials and Director Bios

The Prime Time Early Learning Centers website offers two pages of testimonials from satisfied parents. The website also features bios for all Prime Time Center Directors.

Bergen County Locations & Contact Information

East Rutherford
20 Hackensack Street, East Rutherford, New Jersey
40 Edgewater Place Edgewater, New Jersey
Mack-Cali Centre II, 650 From Road, Suite 185 Paramus, New Jersey
For more information about Prime Time Early Learning Centers, visit

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