For more than 50 years, Palisades Preschool & Kindergarten in Fort Lee, New Jersey and Palisades Country Day School in Closter, New Jersey (22 years) have provided innovative academic programs that stimulate and challenge each child to reach their fullest potential.

Developing a Positive Attitude Towards School

The staff at Palisades believes "Good Beginnings Never End". Early childhood education is where children develop positive attitudes towards learning. The low student-to-teacher ratios allow Palisades to provide personalized attention to each child while guiding them through a highly engaging, multi-sensory learning program.  

Fun and Innovative Programs

These well respected Bergen County early learning institutions have long understood the importance of fostering inner creativity and incorporating fun into their curriculum as a major component of the learning process. 

  • The Palisades' Sports programs offers games and team activities which enhance the child's growth and development.
  • The Music program introduces children to pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, the art of performance, classical composers and the sounds of a variety of musical instruments.
  • Creative Movement classes consists of gymnastics, Zumba and yoga.
  • Art classes expose the children to "The Masters" and encourage them to create their own masterpieces.
  • Science classes stimulate thinking through doing, exploring and learning.
  • Nature classes uncover the mysteries that are found within the environment and world around us.
  • Spanish Language Lab introduces numbers, colors, basic conversations, etc.
  • Learning about the community is enhanced by appropriate educational field trips.
  • Character Education classes emphasize the importance of positive ethics, manners and morals.
  • The importance of proper nutrition is reinforced through the curriculum as well as healthy snack options.
  • The dedicated. S.T.E.M. room and individual classroom computers allow for a fully integrated Computer Technology program.
  • The "Handwriting Without Tears" program develops pre-writing skills.
  • The "Make a Difference" program is a home-school connection that promotes "sharing is caring" for those in need. Through donations to Center for Food Action, Toys for Tots, C.L.A.W.S., etc., children learn that everyone can "make a difference."

Qualified, Experienced Staff

The Palisades staff constantly works towards the growth and development of the children, themselves and its programs. The teachers possess diverse interests and talents, including warmth and a sense of humor, which they share with the children. Teaching is a process that constantly renews itself. Through their work, staff and children are continually growing. 


Each large, bright classroom features developmentally appropriate activity centers, including; block center, dramatic play area, manipulatives, art, science, technology, and reading and writing. Playgrounds feature a combination of equipment - climbers, slides, sand areas for digging and building, and a large assortment of riding vehicles. Teachers are constantly using different items and games to vary the outdoor experience while encouraging motor development.

Why Palisades?

Palisades Preschool & Kindergarten and Palisades Country Day School offer a safe, secure, and developmentally appropriate environment for children that stimulate creativity and foster intellectual growth. Palisades' curriculum reflects that social, emotional and physical growth is integral to the young child's ability to learn. 

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