The Turrell Child Care & Early Learning Center, located at 200 Robin Road in Paramus, offers a high-quality, early educational experience for children, infant through kindergarten. This is a fully licensed and accredited center with over 40+ years of experience caring for and educating young children. The highly qualified Turrell staff is committed to keeping current with new trends, research, and the professional development in the early childhood field. The vast majority of children who enter the Turrell Center at infancy stay through pre-K, and many of their parents report they continue to excel in school after graduating.

A hands-on approach to learning is the mainstay of the Turrell Center's curriculum, engaging children to grow and develop. The center's age-appropriate curriculum integrates academic, emotional, physical and social learning. Children learn quantitative concepts, language, music, art and rhythm to build motor skills as well as social skills.

To ensure your child grows and develops at his or her own pace, the Turrell Center staff allows your infant or toddler to follow his or her own individual schedule. Children participate in many activities throughout their day which include large group and small group play (including circle time, center time, free choice, and activities supporting the curriculum and theme of the month), indoor/outdoor recess, visits to the Turrell library, as well as consistent yet flexible routines within the classroom. Preschool children have the opportunity for monitored SMART board and SMART table activities which encourage collaborative learning experiences with peers.

Turrell's classrooms are equipped with an age-appropriate curriculum which is supported by materials and supplies to enhance learning. It also features a baby gym and a large indoor gym for toddlers and preschoolers. The baby gym is fully carpeted and offers an array of activities including soft materials for climbing, pulling up on and encourages crawlers and walkers to move and explore their surroundings. The center offers two outdoor play areas and each is age appropriate, offering the opportunity for children to run, climb, slide, and bike and interact with their peers in a safe and secure setting. Each classroom is broken into many different centers including housekeeping, manipulatives, music, science, art, library, listening, computer and areas for large group meetings. Children are grouped by age and classroom sizes vary by age group. All Turrell classrooms meet or exceed the state mandated ratios.

Highly Qualified Staff

Turrell's teachers help children manage difficult situations. Kindness and respect toward others is a daily theme. The center incorporates the HALO curriculum into the everyday curriculum which emphasizes the building of self-esteem, communication, feelings, and stress management. The experienced and professional staff boasts a variety of credentials such as CDA’s, Associates Degrees, BA Degrees, Masters, and many years of life experience caring for young children. The center is fortunate to have many long-term staff members who receive a minimum of 10-20 hours per year of professional development in areas of child health and development, positive guidance and discipline, curriculum, as well as health and safety. Professional development training is offered on/off site and online. Additionally, Turrell frequently coordinates training sessions for its staff with leaders from within the early childhood field.

Close Communication With Parents

The Turrell Child Care & Early Learning Center offers many forms of communication with parents including texts, emails, classroom newsletters, parent boards and daily sheets completed by teachers for infants and toddlers. Teachers meet with parents twice per year and as needed. Families with a child experiencing a struggle or difficulty can utilize the services of Turrell's on-staff clinician and clinicians can connect families to early intervention services if needed. The center's open door policy for parents allows for parents to visit with their young children, in addition to celebrating birthdays and special events (trunk or treat, parent apprecia