There are many benefits to a high-quality preschool experience for your child. The chance to interact with other children while preparing for kindergarten is a distinct advantage that can go a long way towards closing opportunity and achievement gaps.

Your child is likely to benefit most from a preschool that provides attentive and emotionally supportive teachers and an opportunity to engage in stimulating activities that support learning and development. In Bergen County, Appletree Preschool offers a curriculum designed to encourage young children to explore various developmental areas while meeting New Jersey Preschool Learning Standards. Children participate in activities that are designed to encourage engaged group participation while promoting independent growth, with an emphasis on kindergarten readiness. Highly qualified Appletree teachers are warm and nurturing, and understand child development. The school maintains a class ratio lower than New Jersey state regulation, enabling teachers to pay more attention to each child. 

Parents of Appletree Preschool students have a higher expectation for their child’s education and care, and the Appletree staff constantly strives to exceed these expectations. Parents can find weekly lesson plans in each classroom and receive monthly lesson plans. A memo is also sent home daily. School-parent communication is consistent and reliable. Parents are invited to the school for holiday celebrations, parent-teacher conferences and other special events. Pick-up and drop-off times for parents are very flexible (with advance notice).

Appletree Preschool Classes and Curriculum

Pre-K 4 Class

The focus of the 4’s program is to develop and strengthen the necessary skills needed to enter kindergarten. Children will learn school rules and knowledge while they have fun with friends and teachers. Children must be 4 years old by October 1st.

Prepper Class

The 3’s class practices pre-writing, letters, simple shapes, colors and fun filled activities each day. Children are introduced to practical life skills. They focus on developing social skills and supporting language skills. Children have hands-on activities to explore the world.

Nursery Class

The focus in the youngest class is to build “trust” in the world and in people beyond home and family. Appletree helps them to develop positive self-esteem and security through prompt and tender care.

Ongoing Extracurricular Activities

Dance & Movement: Every Thursday

Taekwondo: Every Wednesday

Your Child's Safety and Well-Being

Safety, security and the well-being of students are priorities at Appletr