Whether it’s mealtime, TV time, homework or even shopping, mother-daughter bonding can take many forms. Lately, more families are using exercise and fitness as a positive and healthy way to incorporate quality-time and bonding into the busy American family lifestyle.

Partnering with your child on a physical fitness regime can be both fun and motivating, often leading to a closer relationship for mother and daughter. A positive and high-profile commitment to family fitness can send an important message to your daughter, helping to provide her with the foundation and tools she’ll need to grow into a healthy, self-confident woman.

Exercise is one of the most important ingredients for a lifetime of physical health. When children observe regular exercise habits by their parents, it may be one of the best ways to ensure that they will have a lifetime of physical fitness and activity. Quite simply, it’s a gift you can give your daughter. Furthermore, it’s hard to tell your daughter to turn off the TV and get moving, if you don’t do it yourself! Isn’t that great motivation for you? Best of all, a mother-daughter exercise program can be a lot of fun!

Many children are more interested in non-athletic activities and don’t get enough exercise. With some innovation and teamwork, you and your daughter can become more active and create bonding opportunities without too much extra effort. Physical activity with a companion can be easier than going it alone. What’s more, if you make the extra effort to be right by her side, you will find that your enthusiasm will be infectious. Consider hiking the Ramapo Reservation in Mahwah, speed-walking the Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, playing frisbee at Overpeck Park in Leonia or even swimming, roller-skating, ice-skating or dancing!

For many mothers and daughters, setting a goal of completing a community cycling event or 5K run can provide the greatest fun, motivation, satisfaction and fitness bonding opportunities.