Manage Your Heating Bills this Winter and Live Within Your Budget: Sponsored Content

It’s not easy to plan a budget if you don’t know what your expenses will be. That’s why the folks at Bolkema Fuel Company in Mahwah, New Jersey offer their EZ Pay budget plan. Instead of facing multiple large bills in just a few months, you pay one even amount over 12 months.

The team at Bolkema will look at your oil usage over past years and come up with an average based on the forecasted price of oil. They will then divide by 12 to calculate your monthly rate. It’s that easy!

Dependable Service

Bolkema Fuel Company has been providing dependable home heating oil delivery and heating and air conditioning services for residential and commercial clients in northern New Jersey and southern New York State since 1929. The Bolkema staff is on call every day, any time of the day or night. You can count on Bolkema for all your home comfort needs.

For more information or for a free estimate, call Bolkema Fuel at 800-431-3835 or visit

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