Bergen County Home Design: Get Your Kitchen Holiday Ready

Millions of Americans will be taking to the road this holiday season and odds are some of them are coming to your home. All of those extra houseguests mean added kitchen clutter and a sink filled with a plethora of pots, pans and plates.

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, you'll want to make sure the space remains warm, inviting and sparkling clean during the holiday season. Here are some quick tips to help you get your kitchen ready for friends and family:

Countertops - Keep countertops clutter free by doing a quick clearing off. Grab a laundry basket and fill it with those piled up papers and magazines, school projects, and miscellaneous items that are taking up precious counter space. After the hubbub of the holiday season has died down, you can sort through the basket and determine where all the items should be stored.

Once the counters have been cleared, it's time to wipe everything down. And don't forget about those usually unseen spots - move appliances, cookbooks and displays so you can clean underneath them, rather than just around them. Keep in mind that if you have granite countertops, you need to use a pH-neutral stone cleaner. Soap, abrasive cleaners or cleaners with citrus can damage granite.