Bobcat Sightings in Teaneck: Safety Tips

Recently, the Teaneck Health Department has received several calls concerning the sighting of bobcats in the Township. Most of the calls were from residents in the vicinity of Copley Avenue which is west of Teaneck Road as you head towards Ridgefield Park. As a result of these phone calls, Bergen County Animal Control was dispatched to survey the area for bobcats. No bobcats were sighted during the initial canvass of the area in question. The Animal Control Officer did speak with residents about their concerns and will continue to monitor the area. Animal Control is also requesting photographs of the animal in question for better identification purposes.

About Bobcats

Bobcats generally live in rocky locations or areas with plenty of plant cover such as mountain forests and brushland. They are generally 15 to 30 pounds and between 25 to 50 inches in length. They are also known to live in populated suburban areas. Their diet includes small animals such as rabbits, rodents and small birds. They are typically no threat to the human population, however, for precautionary measures it is best not to leave small pets or children unattended in locations that harbor this species.

As a note, bobcats are an endangered species in the State of New Jersey and therefore cannot be trapped or hunted. As per the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife “it is illegal to intentionally take, kill or attempt to kill a bobcat in the State.” The Bergen County Animal Control does however have the authority to take a bobcat if it is sick or injured. To contact the Bergen County Animal Control please call 201- 752-4260 or for more information on bobcats go to the