Bergen Business Blog: Don't Confuse Social Media with Social-Selling
Bergen Business Blog: Social Media Isn’t Social In Sales. Don't Confuse Social M

You are on Facebook and Linkedin. You spent money on print and digital advertising, website design and search engine optimization to drive web traffic and sales leads. But will your people turn that lead into a sale or an appointment when they have direct social contact with the prospect whether on the telephone, retail floor, front counter or in the field?

Effective selling involves the social skills to build a relationship combined with the sales skills to close the deal. Don't overlook the importance of the following social-selling skills:

1. Gain the prospect’s trust through your demonstrated confidence. Know your product’s value, its benefits and uniqueness. Know your prospect’s business and industry. Know your competition.

2. Be credible. Accurately and honestly respond to the prospect’s questions and provide requested information. If you don't know, admit it and get an answer.

3. Listen. Focus on what they are saying. Being just single-minded about making the sale can diminish your awareness of their true needs and cues.

4. Strive for collaboration and rapport. Create a solution with the prospect.

5. Don't fight objections. Understand and respect their concern. Consider this a valuable opportunity to truly understand their needs.

6. Don't get defensive. Hearing a “no” and rejection are a typical part of the process. Stay objective and control your emotions.

7. Don't forget them. Solidify the relationship by keeping promises, following-up, and with periodic communications.

8. Don't burn a bridge. You may close them in future. Recommendations can come from where you least expect it.

9. Be professional and a class act. More doesn't need to be said.

This Bergen Business Blog was written by John Aramini, owner and president of Aramini Management. Aramini Management provides hands-on, industry-focused solutions to business owners and senior management. To learn more about Aramini Management or to contact John Aramini, visit